Corp. Events & Meetings

CHANGE keep you CURRENT, COMPETITIVE, FRESH. It’s a process which begins and ends with PEOPLE. When managed well it TRANSFORMS your VISION in to REALITY.

Your challenge get everyone involved and engaged to create teams of people working together to produce the results you want. That is our Discovery Events can help!

We design learning activities that create more than awareness. They create try understanding, so people can take the right actions and make the best decisions to support your goals.

Our products (business simulations, learning maps, tailor made solutions) are all designed to help you





Depending on your situation we draw on a variety of media and formats, including work mats, e-learning, films and EVENTS.

Regardless of the size and location of your audience we can help you quickly reach everyone through cascading knowledge sharing process.

So you can engaged hundreds of people in just a few days or a thousands in just a few weeks, where they are down the whole or round the world.

Here are several examples of engaging people and transforming their vision through fantastic discovery events and corporate meetings:

Building strong corporate culture at IKEA - 100 000 employees worldwide.


Leveraging new financial model at BP around the world

Improving performance of Motorola managers worldwide

Making business finance clear for 35 000 people at Siemens

Engaging thousands of physicians in medical findings from Pfizer

Why These

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 Developed by a group of international experts. Every simulation is developed by a team of international experts practicing within a specific field of science or business.

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How It Works

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Profit Simulator


The purpose of the profit simulation is to give you an opportunity to test the potential leverage of small changes

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