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The course exceeded my expectations, the logic of financial managers became clear to me. Presentation of the material was intelligible; the things that had previously caused panic became clear to me. With enthusiasm and engagement, cheerfully. Impressions are only excellent, it was great. The coach has an extensive experience in the financial sector and I was pleased that he provided concrete examples. Well done, great job!

Course: Finance for Non-Financial Managers.
February 16, 2011

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric:

I saw and understand complex things, in simple explanations and illustrations. I learned the essence of financial indicators. There was a clear relationship between the theory and the practice, understanding the ways of improving efficiency in a different way. The great work of the coach exceeded my expectations. I want to learn more!

Course: Finance for Non-Financial Managers.
March 14, 2011



The simulator enables us to understand the basic algorithm of financial processes, an understanding of finance system is achieved. It was extremely interesting to make a balance sheet, a profit and loss account on my own. The Dupont model and calculating EBITDA, ROA and ROE encouraged me so much. The work of the coach was at a high level. He is a positive person, very knowledgeable about his business!

Course: Finance for Non-Financial Managers.
January 19, 2011





Gedeon Richter

Kraft Foods

KRAFT Foods:

The most important was the understanding of the business and business processes in general The ability to go beyond your functions and the ability to apply the knowledge immediately. Simulation develops logical thinking, gives qualitative experience in personnel planning and management. I have excellent impressions of the coaches' work, it was intelligible and interesting. Very friendly, lively and positively.

Course: Tango.
October 21-22, 2010


Citi Bank:

It was very useful to view the actions in different areas, development of skills and management cycle, practice of strategic planning. I was pleased to be able to work in a team on an interesting topic that so accessibly shows the relationships within the organization. My impressions are very good; excellent preparation and thorough understanding of the material is perceived.

Course: Decision Base.
November 22-23, 2010



I achieved better understanding of the business cycle of the company, coordination of work between departments. I liked the systematic approach for the introduction of finance at the company. I've unexpectedly realized for myself that the best experience is our own experience, thanks to the coach!

Course: Decision Base
September 9-10, 2009


Coca Cola





Volkswagen Group Finanz

Volkswagen Group Finanz:

General understanding of financial flows, effect of different items on the profitability. Inspiring, very exciting and energetic. I liked systemic delivery of knowledge, an unusual and interesting format.
The understanding of financial management scheme was very important for my future work.

Course: Finance for Non-Financial Managers.
August 20-21, 2010



The coach work is beyond any praise, he easily explained complicated things. The course is close to reality, there are a lot of actual examples.
Very vividly, at a high emotional level.
The impressions are the best, thank you.

Course: Apples & Oranges
July 29, 2010

EVRAZ Holding

EVRAZ Holding:

I was pleasantly surprised at how you can simulate the processes of overall business ; I was really involved in strategy planning process. We clearly saw the work of the whole company from inside. Understanding of accounting and financial work; it has finally become clear what EBITDA is! Excellent work! Well done!

Course: Strategic Session, Decision Base.
June 04-08, 2010

Philip Morris International

Philip Morris International:

The best presenter, he works perfectly with the audience. Very creative.

Course: Apples&Oranges
November 4, 2009



Reckitt Benckiser

Johnson & Johnson


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