Powered learning

Organizations expect a lot from their people: Cut costs, provide more value, serve more people better, work more efficiently… But it does not always happen the way it was intended.

 How can you double your knowledge without spending months on learning?



How it works?

1. Create a picture of your whole process and flow 

2. Values, people, actions are added on the field 

3. The management team gets on board 

 4. The market and competition are introduced 

 They discover that having a shared view pays off

I think you should produce what we can sell... 

 I think you should sell what we can produce instead...



And the question is why?

The traditional way of communicating these kinds of messages often fails to create the necessary understanding and desire among the people who are supposed to make it happen.

Even if people hear the messages, loud and clear, they do not necessarily see what they mean in the context of their own daily reality. As a result people tend to be confused, uncertain and even resistant to change...

 You cannot just absorb other people's knowledge...

However, you can create your own...

Indeed, this is not how you teach your kids to ride a bike...

...but how do you teach business literacy and business acumen?


In the course of simulation, we do not offer ready-made platitudes. Our participants rely on their own experience, and create their own knowledge base.

Business simulations are based on models of critical business aspects, introducing key ideas quickly and effectively through interactive learning and working discussions.

However, an even more important element of this method is the effect of mental projections and insights acquired by the participants during the learning process.

This effect may be compared to the effect of 25th frame, where the participants manage to absorb huge amounts of information and knowledge within a short time. The brain "photographs" the key discoveries, which surface in the memory as soon as the participants need thus particular material.

 This learning methodology was perfectly described by Klas Mellander in his book "Power of Learning".

"If people are given what they need, to discover things for themselves and to draw their own conclusions, then there is a great likelihood that they will embrace the opportunity to make change happen." – Klas Mellander

 With the help of business simulations, modern-day organizations achieve the following objectives:

 Intensive business education

 Efficient communication

 Assessment & Coaching

 Strategic planning sessions, where virtual companies are used as examples to solve practical tasks, and to design the means of implementing the solutions in the workplace


Today we are offering a wide range of ready-made solutions, aimed at improving every aspect of a modern organization: from marketing and sales to optimizing the supply cycle, financial flows and staff management.

Visit our executive program "7 Steps of GREAT Companies" or one of the primary courses, "6 Ways to Show People How to Run Your Business Efficiently" to see how small changes in each area make a huge impact on the overall performance of your organization.


Why These

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 Developed by a group of international experts. Every simulation is developed by a team of international experts practicing within a specific field of science or business.

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How It Works

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Profit Simulator


The purpose of the profit simulation is to give you an opportunity to test the potential leverage of small changes

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